• categories: identity, interactive, web, self-initiated, illustration
  • year: 2018
  • credits:

    Leonardo Alese - concept, marketing and project management, Stefan Lendl - App development and project management, Marianna Rossi - UI, graphics and brand identity

Smate is a brand new matching app that wants you to get in touch with people that think just like you.
Pick a spark-word from the list, type what you freely associate with it and wait for the algorithm to match you with another player. You and your designated smate seem to like each other? Then it's time to text something nice and see if it's a real match. The less common the words you submit are the more chances you have to meet other players along the way and make new friends. And remember: the words you played and the ones you didn't are the perfect hints for a conversation.

You can now download Smate for free on the Google Play and App stores. 

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